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10 minutes 16 seconds ago

Software as a Service (SaaS) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be described as two of the fastest-paced industries today. Keeping up with trends and valid techniques in these specialisms is challenging.

Let's make it easier! Sam Hurley gathered 5 inspiring SaaS founders, CEOs and marketing professionals at the VERY TOP of their game.

They've shared their own exclusive SEO strategies to help you boost revenue in 2018 (and beyond):

DIY with WP

2 hours 10 minutes ago

According to several studies, bloggers publish more than 2 million posts each day! So, how do you get your post on top of Google search results page, and get in front of all those other articles?
This article shows you 20 tips for bloggers to rank in Google’s top 3 search results. If you follow all of them, you will be one step closer to reaching the dream position in search engine results.

DIY with WP

4 hours 10 minutes ago

What are your predictions for the state of SEO in 2018? Do you see any major trends that could potentially reshape the current landscape? Here are some top SEO Experts sharing their insights for 2018:

DIY with WP

12 hours 10 minutes ago

Learn how to offer better support for your WordPress themes or plugins by following the advice from these 12 successful WordPress products:

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14 hours 10 minutes ago

Blogging feels so complex sometimes. A lot of bloggers don’t have a plan to grow their blog or to create content or to gain more leads. In reality, blogging is one of the finest ways to drive inbound site visitors and convert traffic into leads. All you need to understand is how to fix these mistakes and have an easier blogging life. 1. Content When it involves running a blog, “Content is King”. Having a blog means posting regularly. Having consistent content keeps readers coming back for more. And if having an engaged audience is what you’re after, then posting

DIY with WP

16 hours 10 minutes ago

'We Analyzed 10,000 Google Home Results. Here's What We Learned About Voice Search SEO'

DIY with WP

18 hours 10 minutes ago

'The cost of fixing engineering errors in systems and software increases exponentially over the project life cycle. Couple that with results showing that more than half of all engineering errors originate in the requirements, and you have a compelling argument in favor of finding and correcting requirements errors where they occur… at the very beginning of the project.'

Here's an interesting look at using automation to do just that:

DIY with WP

20 hours 10 minutes ago

Learn How to Integrate SEO and PPC Together to 3X Your Sales. You’ll then be able to use this data to optimize your content marketing strategy.

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22 hours 10 minutes ago

This is the recorded version of the 10 Online Business Models Web Class - how to choose the model that's suitable to profit in 2018, ranging from mobile apps to eCommerce stores...


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