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DIY with WP

1 hour 59 minutes ago

7 ideas explored here to help you to take your first steps in developing and implementing a powerful social media marketing strategy for your business. How many are you doing already?

DIY with WP

3 hours 59 minutes ago

If you had a choice between SEO and guaranteed SEO, you'd always choose guaranteed, right? With any service, the guaranteed option is always better, right? Not with SEO. Before we plunge into what guarantees we should expect out of the SEO Industry, let’s look at ranking guarantees that are, and are not, provided for in SEO...

DIY with WP

5 hours 58 minutes ago

Accelerated Mobile Pages may not be as revolutionary as RWD was, but they are certainly making the mobile browsing experience significantly better.

DIY with WP

7 hours 59 minutes ago

As visual content commenced its skyward journey on social networks, the emphasis on storytelling with pictures has also reached unprecedented heights

DIY with WP

9 hours 59 minutes ago

Sometimes you don't get enough time or space to really pitch to potential customers, so make sure your ads do it right.
Learn all the ways you can optimize your advertising copy here.

DIY with WP

10 hours 59 minutes ago

With Google making big changes to better support mobile search, if you haven't focused on it, now is the time to start.

DIY with WP

17 hours 59 minutes ago

The 6 Secrets You Need to Know to Become A Persuasive Copywriter

DIY with WP

19 hours 59 minutes ago

"Programming has changed. In first generation languages like FORTRAN and C, the burden was on programmers to translate high-level concepts into code. With modern programming languages we use functions, objects, modules, and libraries to extend the language, and that doesn’t just make programs better, it changes what programming is."

DIY with WP

21 hours 59 minutes ago

Why Storytelling Is the Secret Weapon for Great Marketing:


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